How does the Chinese New Year affect your shipping?

We want to inform you about the approaching Chinese New Year, which will affect all sea and air freight to and from Northern Asia. Shipping and logistics operations will be slower than normal before and after the Chinese New Year in this region. Since the holidays are based on the lunar calendar, the dates vary from year to year. This year it looks like this:

February 10-17 (China)

February 10-13 (Hong Kong)

February 8-14 (Taiwan)

February 9-12 (South Korea)

February 11-13 (Singapore)

February 8-14 (Vietnam)

February 10-12 (Malaysia)


Sea freight

The holidays will cause schedule changes. During the Chinese New Year, there will be no departures from China. The carriers have no cargo closings during the week, which means that cargo cannot be delivered at the terminals and containers cannot be picked up or delivered at the ports.

All warehouses will remain closed during the Chinese New Year holidays throughout Northern Asia.

We also want to flag the fact that it may be more difficult to get out goods in the weeks following the New Year when many companies wish to get their goods at the same time.


Air freight

All bookings made with Scanlog during the Chinese New Year will be sent or picked up only after February 17th. The following week, there may be delays and higher prices as there will be a larger flow of goods when China opens again after the holidays.

Truck services may cost up to two to three times more three days or more prior to the holidays and up to one week thereafter. Carriers, terminals, and customs are on duty during the holidays, but with reduced capacity. This may cause delays. Chinese domestic truck pickup and delivery may experience more severe delays.


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