• Scanlog offers safe, efficient and tailored air transport for all types of cargo, including dangerous goods and defense materials.
  • Our services are adapted to our customers’ needs and are at the same time standardized when it comes to quality and service.
  • Fossil-free air freight. We also offer our customers to reduce their emissions from air freight by purchasing sustainable aviation fuel, SAF.
  • Transport to and from the airport? No problem! We ship your goods from door to door with our comprehensive multimodal solutions.
  • Scanlog is accredited by IATA, holds an AEO permit and is a security approved freight agent by the Swedish Transport Agency.

We use three service levels for air freight adapted to cover the market’s need for solutions:

  • Premium
    With premium, we offer unique solutions for special shipments. It is suitable for goods that have special requirements or are extremely urgent, such as pharmaceuticals and dangerous goods. We carry out transports with the highest security on both regular air routes and through our own dedicated charters.

  • Classic
    Classic is adapted for continuous flows of goods with fixed departures over time. Scanlog aggregates several customers’ goods in order to achieve the highest cost efficiency possible, which benefits all customers.

  • Economy
    Economy means an arrangement with cost-effective solutions with a slightly longer lead time when the customer has the opportunity to be more flexible.
  • Classic – Corouting
  • Economy – Cost-effective solutions with slightly longer lead times

Air freight is sometimes the only viable option for certain types of demanding global transports, but carbon dioxide emissions are higher for air transport than for other modes of freight. That’s why we always carbon offset all air freight – at no extra cost to our clients.

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