Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are materials or items that can harm people and other living organisms, property or the environment.

The transportation of dangerous goods (also referred to as hazardous materials or HazMat in North America) is governed by a variety of different regulatory regimes, at both national and international levels, most of them based on the United Nations’ model regulation the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. For the individual transport modes there are for example IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (“DGR”), the Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (“RID”), the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (“ADR”) and the IMO’s International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (the IMDG Code). Collectively, these regulatory regimes mandate the means by which dangerous goods are to be packaged, labeled, handled and transported.

Scanlog has proficiency in handling all types of dangerous goods and vast experience in the requirements for different types of transportation modes and classes of dangerous goods, ranging from explosives to radioactive materials. Senior staff members are trained and certified in the handling of hazardous air cargo in accordance with the DGR as well as in the handling of IMDG Code sea freight.

Scandinavian Logistics Partners also acts as exclusive brokers for M/S Sigrid – a Swedish INF class 3 ship ideally suited for IMO 7 cargoes, as well as other IMDG Code classified goods and project cargoes.

Responsible for Dangerous Goods:
Responsible for Dangerous Goods:
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