Scanlog closes the offices for work-out

Scanlog has introduced a wellness hour every Wednesday. The offices close so all co-workers can do at least one light pulse-raising activity. ” I am convinced that our co-workers will feel better and have more energy, which will lead to a more efficient and happier organization”, says Mattias Ljungberg, CEO at Scanlog.


Scandinavian Logistics Partner (Scanlog) strives to be a loving company. Part of that work means taking care of your co-workers and making sure they are feeling well. For a couple of years, Scanlog has had a voluntary wellness hour per week, but most co-workers have not prioritized this, so now they switch to a wellness hour every Wednesday at 11-12 AM instead. This means that all five offices close for an hour so that the co-workers have time for at least one light pulse-raising activity. The wellness hour is in connection with lunch so that you have time for activities that you cannot do on site, for example going to the gym or the tennis hall. During the wellness hour, there is always a person in each office on call, so that customers can always get in touch with Scanlog.

– The fact that we close the offices and set aside a time for exercise, I hope contributes to making you feel that you have time to work out. If it is on a voluntary basis, there is the risk that it feels stressful to have the time to do it and then you easily don’t prioritize it. It is my responsibility to ensure that our co-workers have time to exercise. Everyone should exercise, but you can choose an activity as long as it is at least slightly heart rate-increasing. If it turns out well, I am open to introducing more wellness hours, Mattias Ljungberg, CEO.

Scanlog has 50 co-workers spread over five offices and all offices have the wellness hour at the same time. This means that the rest of the time you are available to each other, which would not happen if you worked out at different times. The compulsory wellness hour was introduced on February 14th, on Valentine’s Day.

– We thought it was appropriate as we want to be a loving company. I have personally been very pushing about his. We have just started so it is too early to say what effects we will get. But I am quite convinced that we as a company, just like our co-workers, will feel and perform better. Hopefully both the team, our customers and partners will experience that. If we work out together, it also contributes to better cohesion, Mattias Ljungberg, CEO.


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